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Whither do we go from here? It is in this dejection that we can shed our self-image, and understand that we are not the only one. Indeed the daring warrior-saint Arjuna, stands bewildered on the field at Kurukshetra. His brain is unsettled; his awareness is blurred. This saint of a hundred battles abruptly starts to experience the ill effects of apprehensive alarm.

It is not the likelihood of thrashing or triumph that shakes Arjuna.

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His brain is torn by questions, reasons for alarm and tensions. Then again, Duryodhana is not troubled by such stresses. At the same time then, the Geeta is not tended to Duryodhana.

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It is tended to Arjuna, who, in this extraordinary war in the middle of great and insidiousness, stands solidly as an afterthought of dharma. He has settled on the decision in the middle of great and underhandedness long back — however now, he is destroyed by an apparently irresolvable clash.

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Arjuna, in the same way as so a hefty portion of us, is confounded by the decision he needs to make. He is in the hold of vulnerability. He confronts the excellent predicament — to act or not to act.

It is just the fair, scrupulous individuals who anguish over such confounding circumstances. With respect to narrow-minded, corrupt men, they are guided just by their own longings and limited hobbies. The chariot symbolizes the body, in which the psyche Arjuna is situated, alongside Krishna, the Atman, Self.

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The steeds speak to the five faculties that we have to rein in. Also Kurukshetra is the plane of activity, the plane of contact, the universe of strife and disagreements that we occupy. Always keep Terrace Clean to avoid losses. Join: www. Mantra Tips By Kamal Nandlal.

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Well this week having a depression on some cases. So he gives advice how to tackle this eclipse and specially woman who are pregnant. We could say that in this July third week astrology predictions are encircling that be careful.

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In especially family matters giving clear indications about something going to happens. To avoid such situations be care full and hold your horses. Though these weeks having a big event of Moon Eclipse but in some cases star bring good news as well. Last week most of people asking for Zaicha and when we talked to them they are worried about the weekly predictions which we given in last week. Most of the callers are saying that your weekly predictions are too good. Well we said that what we study about your star Pray for us that we succeed. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter.