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So be excited for what's to come because you are going to have some awesome experiences.

Jimmy Buffett "Volcano" Live

Libra, you have to let time work. Sometimes you are riding the high, at the top of the Ferris wheel, then other times you are having lots of lows when you are at the bottom.

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Remember, life is a cause and effect, what you do now will affect you later on. Scorpio, you have found that you are liberated. You are free to do new things and start over.

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You are now going in the right direction. Sagittarius, you may be feeling a bit down right now. You also may be feeling a bit closed off because of your anxiety. But what you are going through right now is not as bad as you think.

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Capricorn, you are free to have some carefree, relaxing times. Don't let anything keep you from enjoying your time. Aquarius, you are going to move towards the top.

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  4. You have worked very hard and you are going to be rewarded soon, maybe even with a promotion. Pisces, you have so many positive qualities that are going to help you through any and every situation that comes your way.

    Jimmy Bluffett • tribute, soft rock

    Let inspiration guide you. Follow Us. The first day of the transit I experienced an intense confrontation with someone I work with. Even before it started I sensed something was going off.

    Jimmy Buffet Horoscope

    When it was happening I was also aware of the energy and did what I could to be clear and non-defensive. When it was over I did a little extra to clear up the disturbance between us. This was my way of being responsive and proactive and keeping the impact minimal. In addition to this situation I ended up with extra responsibilities during a meditation retreat I was supposed to simply attend, and then got the dreaded chest flu and passed it on to my husband too!

    The good news is that I feel like the transit really escalated my meditation experiences and I hopefully now have my immunity in place for the rest of the season! If you are curious how this affects your chart feel free to contact me for a check in. We began the year with Venus moving retrograde back through Capricorn.

    It will continue this direction all through January. When any planet is retrograde its energy is disrupted in some way.

    Jimmy Buffett is launching his 'Coral Reefer' cannabis brand in Orlando this week

    It will express itself in a more obvious and yet unusual manner. If you are Taurus or Libra ascendant this retrograde affects you most- things seem to be going a bit slow. One interesting moment in the transit occurs at the end, on February 1 st Venus will station, which means it stops moving backward or forward, and it will be almost exactly opposite Jupiter in Gemini. Venus is more about material satisfaction, Jupiter intellectual or spiritual fulfillment. Some astrologers say this opposition can trigger a sense of opposition in us personally regarding these paths, and also some indulgence.

    Through collaborative fundraising efforts, including grilled cheese sales on campus, members have worked diligently to make this end-of-the-year goal a reality. The Parrotheadz also aim to give back to the community as much as possible. At the end of their second year, the Parrotheadz adopted a second manatee named Margarita, and hope to continue their philanthropy in the future. As the group continues to grow and invite in students from all walks of life, Barnes, Holt and Sparagno plan to expand their social media presence, and maybe even reach out to Buffett himself for a meet-up.

    In the meantime, the Parrotheadz persist in promoting a stress-free lifestyle that can be difficult to maintain while surrounded by the chaos of college life.

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    But through boundless support and encouragement, the club sets its sights on blue skies and calming ocean waves. Skip to content Toggle navigation. Love Jimmy Buffett?