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Candle Containers FAQ. Candle Molds Information. Candle Molds FAQ. How To Make Container Candles. How to Make Soy Container Candles. How to Make Wax Tarts. How To Make Votive Candles. How to Make Pillar Candles. How To Make Ice Candles. How To Make Wax Cupcakes. How To Make Smelly Jelly. How To Decoupage A Container. Candle Making FAQ. Summer Fragrance Recipes. Fall Fragrance Recipes. Winter Fragrance Recipes.

Spring Fragrance Recipes. Masculine Fragrance Recipes. Feminine Fragrance Recipes. Leather Fragrance Recipes. Other Fragrance Recipes. Measuring Soy Wax. Melting Soy Wax. Wicking a Jar With a Straw. Pouring Melted Wax Into a Jar. Container Candle Cooling Time. These bright candle picks are a unique and easy way to continue the party theme on top of your cake. The fun and brilliant colors are just right for the special occasion. Details: Includes assorted colors 3" 7.

View Less Details. You May Also Like. Rated 1 out of 5 by DevieB89 from Burn too fast They were melted through before we even got to the kitchen table to sing happy birthday. Date published: Rated 5 out of 5 by NRM24 from Quick and easy The happy birthday candle picks are easy to use, much neater than trying to write with frosting, brightly colored, and festive.

I used a large lighter and I had to keep it on the wick for a bit longer than I normally would to light a candle. Rated 3 out of 5 by MarissaMarie15 from Happy birthday candles Price is great. Other than that the colors are nice and bright.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Leezt from Great Price! Fit perfectly on the tiny 4 by 4 cake we had! Love the colors too! Definitely recommend. Last time I looked, they were made in Canada. I'll take it. I dont buy anything food-wise that was made in China.. I get pretzel sticks there for M'honey.. They're cheaper there than anywhere else. My recent post Week 5 CSA. I absolutely love the dollar store! When my husband and I were first engaged and living in our new apartment I couldn't afford to decorate it.

So every holiday our decorations came from there. I still have figurines from there I use in sets ups today! I do have to disagree with you about the food. Although some of the stuff may be smaller name brand wise If you check the expiration, the food is fine. Also, dollar tree and places like deals now accept manf. I love your post, glad you shared your ideas, I am going on a road trip in a week and using some of your ideas, Thanks! You forgot the absolute best thing… Pregnancy tests!

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Or when you find out you are pregnant and want to keep testing over and over cause you can't believe it's real! I I do love some grocery buys like dried beans, canned or jarred spaghetti sauce check the date , canned fruit check the date. Heavy-duty water glasses.

Same with otc medicines. Check the dates and not from China. I totally agree with all of your do's and I'm so glad to see other people saying hey, it's OK to buy a lot of your stuff there. However, I would disagree with saying no to all of the food. Yeah, a lot of their stuff there is gross off brands and not a great deal, but a couple of things there I've found for a good price including condiments which can be bought on sale for a good price but usually not for a dollar but most importantly bread. Yes, you can buy cheap-o store brand white bread for a dollar or less at any given time at most stores, but I've been able to find wheat Nature's Own at my Dollar Tree which is usually dollars in my area, 2 being the best sale I've seen.

Usually the bread is a couple of days away from its use by date, but I've never had any go bad on me, and slightly stale bread can be used for French toast and other breakfasty things. For me it's worth it to be able to get wheat instead of white and avoid high fructose corn syrup.

My best ever discovery at DT!!

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Somerimes it is close to use by date than the grocery store…but we go through it so fast it never bothers us! My DT gal even told me the days the bread truck comes, so I just grab it fresh of the bread guys cart!! Way less than a dollar each and amazingly accurate. Great Tips…but I found your site to be slow to load and actually made my comp run high! Maybe due to all the ads or the heavy picture usage, not sure.

Just wanted to pass it along. Yes I snuck it in by the beauty section, but I'll highlight it more. Thanks for the suggestion!! When you're buying a ton, even 14 cents is a big deal, not even mentioning tax on them all! That's great to know; I will have to keep an eye out for bread at my store! Thanks for sharing! I haven't had that feedback before, so thank you for passing it along!!

I'll look into it. Great post!!!

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I have to say, in regards to your comment about no returns or exchanges, I have never ever had a problem with exchanging items. But all that other stuff you talked about is right on! Thank you for this post! And ALL your wonderful tips in life. I will pick up a bag of truffles and they are delicious! For a dollar! There are about 9 or 10 in the bag. I especially like the white chocolate ones. What a bargain. In the beauty supplies you can find everything from facemasks, pore strips and antiwrinkle gel patches.

Even Acne meds, that are National Brand Equivilant. Buying this stuff at a store or even a boutique is not in the budget for most, but getting it at the dollar store, well… Beauty can be affordable for everyone. Our dollar tree has essie nail polish strips! I love those, they are awesome! The other makeup items I dont use because I have really sensitive skin, but wanted to mention you can use coupons at the dollar tree. Rubbermaid boxes are almost always free, and we almost always have coupons for them!

We also buy our cokes there and candy before going to theaters and gum!

33 retro chocolate bars that need to be brought back IMMEDIATELY

Colgate wisps have gone up in price around me and I use them a lot so I buy them there but im sure it isnt something most people use! I love buying my son books and coloring books and toy cars, the puzzles we tried but the pieces dont fit together flat! We also buy paper plates the colorful birthday ones in the 20pk every week and the huge pack of disposable spoons every time we go, they have the cheapest plates of everyone and I think they are as good as chinet.

Also their normal dishes arent bad either, just dont microwave them!! We buy our bleach and oven cleaner, holiday supplies, flashlights for the kids to playwith, and anything we want there, lol we go to the dollar tree at least twice a week because it is right next door anytimr we need anything. I love the Dollar Tree store and one is opening right next door to my other favorite store Goodwill. The one thing to not buy at the dollar stores is chalk. We had an old house and had to have it checked for lead and the inspector said to only buy Crayola brand chalk because most others have or might have lead in it.

I always read the labels on the food products that I buy at Dollar Tree. I always check the sold on TV items too.

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Also… Pet Accessories! Oh and Holiday decorations! You can make an awesome valentines or Easter basket with a bunch of stuff in it for super cheap. I do this for prizes at my work. I would love to hear what everyone thinks of it. I usually find myself purchasing the dish scrub brushes on handles at my dollar tree.. I dont know if its the best deal? I always shop at the dollar store. I buy my toothpaste and tooth brushes there. I buy all my kitchen utensils there. I just bought a potato pealer cause the one that I had broke.

The one I got from the dollar store is Betty Crocker brand and it works great. Ialso did buy a bottle of Ibuprofen there because it was an emergency even though I usually get it at Rite Aid but I checked the expiration date and it was good. I have to say they actually work and we had no problems with it. Another thing that is good to get is stuff for your car like those trees you hang on your mirror.

This post was so helpful! Some of the items are really great buys. Figure out the price per unit ounces, square feet, per piece, etc. Actually, sometimes they have great electronic and electronics accessories.

33 retro chocolate bars that need to be brought back IMMEDIATELY

Sometimes even the exact same ones expensive stores have. From cellphone chargers, cellphone covers, to led flash lights and usb cables etc. I used to get it here after checking expiration date until I saw it at grocery store for. Kitchen scissors. Not craft scissors are strong.