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Being related to past deeds and karma, the south node can express itself via eccentric behaviour and violence with potential amorality and impulsiveness. After all they are the two parts of one serpent! From this standpoint, it does make sense to see the North Node as a Jupiterian force of expansion and benevolence , while the South Node is a Saturnian principle of limits and karma leading to inevitable contraction until the debts have been repaid. What makes the nodes so special is their relationship to eclipses. Every time the Moon finds itself in the vicinity of the nodes there is a probability of an eclipse, either solar or lunar.

Eclipses can only happen during either solar-lunar conjunction the New Moon or solar-lunar opposition the Full Moon when the connection between the Sun, the Moon and the Earth is interrupted. Most eclipses are quite harmless but some rare ones are powerful enough to introduce breaking points of a certain kind, depending on configuration of other significant planets.

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Just like in the symbolism of resting dragon: a powerful sleeping force that unleashes volleys of fire when awaken. Planets or points that are conjunct with the south node often mean the past — past patterns or past incarnations during which the person may have been:. Action or inaction, good or bad, truth or falsehood… all equally create karmic imprints that can work either for or against the person. Any planet conjunct to the South Node signifies intense interaction of the individual with forces and principles of the planet that happened during past lives.

The interaction may have been blissful, productive or traumatic. For example, having Neptune on the South Node may mean that in the past the person have been:. Either way, each planet can unfold its influence in either enabling or disabling manner. It is worth mentioning that the South Node also stands for occult powers and forces of the Underworld. The three factors that influence that:. In each of those cases carefully analyse what could the past mean. As with pretty much everything in astrology, the meaning can vary and will depend on many other factors. A good approach is to choose a certain direction for further exploration, for example, exploring your relationship with power, the notion of me versus them, the degree of idealism versus practicality, etc.

The head as the seat of consciousness is responsible for making choices. A trine—sextile configuration stands for benevolent help from the planet involved. Both aspects are harmonious and go well with the North Node symbolism and its nature of Jupiter.

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To briefly summarise the meaning of the nodes of the Moon in the context of fate and destiny :. The image of the dragon, especially as it is perceived in Asian cultures, brings the sense of vitality, magic and force that rules over each individual incarnation on this planet. It could be a wiser approach to embrace the dragon instead of trying to slay it. Very helpful! Am I understanding this correctly? Yes, you are right. The nodes are the intersection of the lunar orbital plane with the Sun-Earth orbital plane.

This Wikipedia image provides a much better visual explanation:. I dont think lunars nodes work in real life. Expect the unexpected, and keep your life simplified. Bodhi Tree Smudge Essentials Box. Amethyst Pendulum. Clear Seed Crystal. Shungite Pyramid. Looking for a Full Moon ritual?

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Lastly, check out our favorite books on the magic of the lunar cycle. Tags: astrology , challenging , full moon , lunar , lunar eclipse , ritual. Welcoming Libra Season and the Autumnal Equinox. Featured Thought Leader: Marianne Williamson. Prepare for an Epic Restructuring in Our quest for awakened living continues, so we ask the questions.

We are an ever-evolving tribe of curious creatives, healers, activists, and bibliophiles devoted to you since It is our honor to continue providing exceptional goods, resources and services to cultivate your conscious lifestyle and practices. Bodhi Tree. Books Mercantile Journal. Published on January 14, A Gemini Moon Midweek Brings Curiosity and Connection Thursday is a social day filled with curiosity and a propensity toward connection.

January 12 2020 Astrology Conjunction, What will happen?

More About Eclipses What do all of these planetary aspects mean for us? Thursday: Dream the ideal, engage your curiosity, and make connections. Friday: Exciting day when problems can be solved, and we can adapt to twists and turns. Saturday: Demanding day for deep cleaning physically and emotionally. Previous Journal.

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Break the rocks and these star-crossed lovers. Only once when a pink moon comes about, and the universe is forced to unite two hearts again in their strange entangled lives. Thanks for your poem, it was beautiful.

I've been there and got my heart broken. But I'm still glad I've been there! My mum once said there actually WAS a blue moon it was due to atmospherics or some thing wasn't the drink they didn't drink It s got to have been in the early 50s as theyd been to the pictures when they were courting they married in The Moon is the same color as always white. April's Full Moon is traditionally called the Full Pink Moon because of the seasonal appearance of the moss pink, or wild ground phlox—one of the first spring flowers!

A literal blue moon occurred in , and was due to the massive explosion of the volcano Krakatoa in Indonesia. The volcano spewed so much dust and ash into the atmosphere that the moon appeared to be blue for the next 2 years or so. Other smaller eruptions have created shorter-lasting blue moons such as Mount St.

Helens in or Mount Pinatubo in There was also one which occurred in September of , due to several very large wildfires in Alberta. This is likely to be the one Heather Bentley said her mother told her about. I myself remember seeing at least one blue moon when I lived in Los Angeles between and , simply due to the level of smog in the atmosphere.

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The term "blue moon" is also used to describe the 13th full moon which occurs within a single calendar year. This happens once every 2 or 3 years, and is simply the result of the lunar cycle being Normally this produces 12 full moons, 1 per month, but if a full moon occurs within the first few days of the year, there will be a 13th full moon in the last few days of the same year.

I am sorry, but unless you can change into a werewolf in front of me like they show on TV how they change there, you will not get me to believe that they are real and nether are you, Thank you. Nobody is trying to convince YOU of anything. The almanac is one of the most accurate of resources in the world AND has been around for decades.

Have a little respect.

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